Charm’d I’m Sure

charms are such a big craze right now, but when i started seeing the mark up people were asking…well i had to share some of my secret sources <3


arkansas flying pic necklace charmthese silver flying pig necklaces are $2.50 for a set of 12!! make gifts for all your hog fan friends!! Go to Etsy store. 

Arkansas Gold Pig Charm

Go to Etsy Store

These 4 Charms are $3.75

2pcs Antique Brass Tone Base Metal Pendant - Lion (5383Y-P-37B)


12pcs Oxidized Silver Base Metal Charms-Wax Seal-Letter-Alphabet- H-19mm (15706Y-J-201)

12pcs Oxidized Silver Base Metal Charms-Wax Seal-Letter $2.55


6 Love Heart Charms Antique Tibetan Gold Tone with French Amour Imprint - GC106

6 Love Heart Charms Antique Tibetan Gold Tone with French Amour Imprint $2.50


30% OFF - Antique Bronze Bear Paw Charm, PawPrint Charm, dia. 22mm, Pkg of 6pcs, C004.AN09.P06

6 Paw Print Charms for $1.74

20pcs 33x23mm Vintage/Antique Bronze Filigree English Letter R Metal Charm Pendant M23339

20 Letter R Charms for $3.29

6pcs charms accessories craft alloy jewelry pendant handmade brass  and the wind irregular round the letter M jewelry sx232

Six Letter M Wax Charms for $3.51

Set of Brass Charms, Finding, Pendants

Set of Brass Charms $3.75


Shindig Paperie

I recently had the joy of FINALLY visiting my aunt’s boutique in fayetteville, arkansas.  The Shoppe is filled with the most beautiful paper, and adorable knick-knacks, that pinterest lovers would swoon.   Follow them on Facebook Here  ( find them on instagram!)

Their Bio:

“People ask us where we came up with the name. The fact is, Shindig was found at… shindigs. Brooke and Trisha discovered their mutual love of parties, paper, and planning while working together on children’s birthdays, baby showers, and holiday gatherings. Recognizing that in a world of e-vites, status updates, and tweets, some occasions call for substance and style, Shindig Paperie was born.

Our well-curated collection includes personalized stationery, greeting cards and gifts, as well as invitations for every occasion. We carry many unique lines previously unavailable in the area, sure to bring joy to the hearts of paper lovers. 

We make a conscious effort to pick vendors whose design and production facilities are located in the United States and/or who practice eco printing
methods with use of post-consumer waste papers, cotton rag or other sustainable substrates.”


shindig paperie logo in Fayetteville Arkansas Boutique Whitney English Planner at Shindig Paperie Beautiful Quote Modern Valentine at Shindig Paperie Gold Foil Letterpress Card at Shindig Paperie Valentine Gift Set for Men at Shindigpaperie Gold Foil Letterpress Card Calendar at Shindig Paperie Gold Foil Letterpress Card at Shindig Paperie Valentine Gold Foil Letterpress Card at Shindig Paperie

Spring 2013 New Arrivals Photo Shoot for Suite One


New Peplum, Leopard Print, Lace, Lime, Faux Leather, & Tunics in the New Arrivals tomorrow for Suite One in Fort Smith. You can order on their facebook page HERE ,  ( if you are not on a mobile device you can fill out the shop tab underneath the the time line cover ) Spring 2013 New Arrivals Photo Shoot for Suite One » Arkansas Fashion and Commercial Photographer

Using “Oil Paint” in Adobe Photoshop CS6



here is the before and after – as you can see i used a composite image for the sky and even changed the direction of the sun. I feel like this is a good representation of how different some people see the world. When i saw the scene i saw the light coming off the gate, the way the shadow fell behind the tree, the shine on the field blade leaning against the trunk. the barns and their green pasture, the leaves that seem to frame the image. Next Tuesday see a step-by-step tutorial! Using "Oil Paint" in Adobe Photoshop CS6



Post Process – Paint


You might be thinking WHOA this edit is over done… and yeah for a picture, but for a painting I LOVE IT!  check out the new detail i added to the tree and grass. (this image was taken a couple of years ago before i was using kelvin and changing my wb in acr .Look for more future posts of before & afters!
Photoshop before & after senior

so wright



made this fun facebook time line cover for a client ( but even more a friend ) of mine. She is the creator & owner of  “Brow Bar”.  All of my senior clients love having their make up done there, it’s such a pretty place filled with energetic, hilarious staff, you seriously never can guess what they’ll be up to next!! They have these hot pink cups that say brow bar on them, and people travel with them, but celebs from Rob Lowe to Honey Boo Boo are posing with them!!  Lorelei became fatally sick this summer, from a “slip up” at the doctor’s office.  It became a life changing experience.   LW decided to give back even more; she is working on a “Hottie Calendar”  Yes, men posing to benefit the battle against cancer.  It’s not all about the exterior tho, she wanted GOOD GUYS.   She has included tributes to men that have been the strength & support through their wives breast cancer.  Many of the men participating are Singers,  In the service, or even doctors.  From  New York to Los Angeles men are signing up to be a Hottie…. i think the total now is 28 hotties… this will be a long calendar.  Go check out her blog and read her story HERE – ALL THINGS WRIGHT WITH LORELEIfacebook time line cover for "all things wright"

back on twitter

i’ll have to say it’s my least fave! However I do so much social networking for other companies that it’s seems odd that im not on there. if nothing else go on there to see who im following bc they are pretty awesome! of follow @missbeystudio Photographer back on Twitter