Working on one of my newest collaborations, that I am soooo excited about!!  Not only about the amazing high fashion formals that they carry, but also about working with the Ladies at Always & Forever in Fort Smith!  Just like my girl Tasha at Suite One, Stacey the owner of Always & Forever is my age making huge waves in her industry. Both of them are considered the “go to”  not just in our city but in our region.

Since I am a fashion photographer & a senior photographer, working with the place my clients already love, I couldn’t ask for a better fit.


Tomorrow Gus will be 2 months old!! As a photog I think the timing was perfect! Even tho we are in the south, and the 3rd trimester did have it’s hot days. Winter is cold here… we have already had snow days ( thank the GOOD LORD we were one of the few who never lost power in the snow!! )  The question I get the most is… “so how do you like being a mommy?” well i think i haven’t been 100% truthful with people that have asked me.  I saw a post that our church (which we have been missing since gus was born- CONFESSION) put up a graphic from our lead pastors book ( i think it is, could be wrong!) Ab being authentic & that should be easy here to do on my blog, since I don’t have a big following.

Here’s the truth to “so how do you like being a mommy?” : I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong. I love Gus, it’s a new love that I had never imagined the strength of.  He is such a good baby, from what I know of babies! Here’s the thing I don’t know how I like being mommy, bc I’m always questioning, how I am doing as a mom.  Feeling guilty that I am not getting up at 4 with a smile on my face.  There are moments of panic.  The other night we were in my husband’s car, the one that didn’t have the spare change of clothes & of course that’s when we need it.  I think my answer is closer to

” I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I have so much to learn &&& I appreciate my mama, as well as moms everywhere, a lot more!”
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