If Nate Berkus, Kate Spade & Betsy Johnson ever collaborated on a line,  that would be my dream.


When I see branding boards, I LOVE THEIR colors that they choose to represent them, but what if you personality is more…COLORFUL!!?!  It’s not that I can’t commit to a color, it’s that I don’t want to leave any out, where is the fun in that?? I try to live out side the box, color outside the lines.  I can appreciate a modern boldly basic look, or soft vintage tones. It’s just not me.  I’m loud, slightly elaborate & off beat , but inspired by  MOD – RETRO technicolor & movements.


I know Gold is big right now, but growing up with my nanny & granny dean. Gold was never out!!  My generation was/ are super close to their grandparents.  My Granny had RED shaggy carpet in her master bathroom!! My nanny STILL HAS the mirrors with the gold flake texture pattern that covers a whole wall. These women made me brassy,  they made me feel empowered to be a Woman.  My style celebrates this!



Little did I know that when I walked into target for “groceries” ,  that my day was about to get a whole lot better!!  While browsing everywhere ( except the tiny grocery section ) I went around & checked in with all the little lovelies that make my heart beat faster.  You know the ones, where you see it for months, picked it up to price check at least 3 times, you might have even done something fun like setting it in your cart.  A long time ago, all those things would have been somewhere in my house,  now I am a mom.  My only binge spending comes in sizes separated my months.  My impulse buys are validated by thoughts like ” But by the time his feet reach the floor, this will be GONE  FOR-EV-ER!

Not this day.  I was glancing around my favorite, the end of the isle… the back one, the narrow part.

“It’s a mistake, there is no way THAT is on sale”

 But I can see the sticker.

 ” yeah i bet it’s like $2 off reg price”

..was umm 54.99 …NOW 16.48?!?!

 “I bet it doesn’t work, there’s a hole somewhere”

It’s METAL, there’s no hole & I don’t know if I care if it works….so pretty..