••Photographer tip: want to put the child in the snow without distracting props, but not actually in the snow??

Prop: Baby Gus is on a clean white bathroom mat that has a rubber bottom.

Photoshop: Just clone around the sides and if there is a color difference pic up the color of the snow and paint that color on a new layer in “color mode”

[Be safe with little ones, endangering their health for a shot is wrong This was a 45 sec session & it was really too bright for my little polar bear cub!!]

Prop / Photoshop trick for taking baby pictures in the snow
Prop / Photoshop trick & tips for taking baby pictures in the snow

At first when I heard it was going to be  another snow/ice weather forecast. I dreaded it. My backyard is muddy goo. so gross.  I did look foreword to putting another snow outfit on Gus, but mostly it was dreading coldness & preplanning meals.

Then I walked into this. [ turned around grabbed camera ] & REwalked into this.


Once again, the snow had been an answer to prayers.  Prayers I’ve been tossing up usually with an eye roll & not much of an “amen” at the end. Prayers that sounded more like this ” i can not WAIT til basketball season is OVER”. Don’t get me wrong,  I LOVE THE SPORT, I LOVE THE SCHOOL ,  I LOVE THE KIDS! Ask anyone in the stands, I LOVE THE GAME!  This year is different, not my feelings for the game, but I am jealous of it.  It wouldn’t be right for me to get Gus out in bad weather, or on long road games.  We miss Renner.  He coaches 7th-Sr High, that’s a game almost every night. He leaves about 6 every morning to open the Gym earlier for kids to shoot.  And gets home at 10, 11 or 12 depending on game location & parents picking up kids.  By that time he is so worn out, he tries to stay up to see Gus, but they are both sleepy boys by that time.  Then there is sometimes middle of the night cries for food. Renner is going on maybe 4 hours of sleep every night & starting over everyday.

Even tho the snow makes the school year longer, by the time that may is here Ren won’t be gone every night. SO while this weather might drive us crazy there are people like me, realizing what a beautiful blessing it is.  It’s a little “time-out” from the Lord, & in today’s fast world …we could all use a break.  Take advantage of it.


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