After doing my first Cake Smash Session this spring,  I COULD NOT STOP thinking about it! I thought about how I would do Gus’s.  I’d see a cake smash session & think “I wouldn’t have done it that way” ( be honest you see pics & think that… it’s just not nice to express it ) I’ve also seen some & thought THAT IS TOO CUTE!!  When you can’t stop thinking about something that is good for your soul, I think you have to find away to make it happen.

It wasn’t just the images or props I loved.  During my first cake smash, I got to hang out with Nina!  I met Nina when I was pregnant with Gus.  She forced me to hold Charlee. At the time I was petrified of kids under the age of  2, over the age of 2 under the age of  8 I was only “slightly nervous”.   I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE PEOPLE that force me into things, it’s like bonding for me, like “I SURVIVED THIS WITH YOU”.   Since Gus was born, that  bonding feeling has spread, to people I barely spoke to in life before.  Not for any reason, we’ve just been on different journeys, but for the past 15 months it’s like we’ve all strolled, climbed, gave out,  passed out, picked each other up, and held hands down this beautiful journey ( and it is a journey,  did you see the GAVE OUT,  PASSED OUT part?  It will break you down, and while your hair is naturally falling out after pregnancy, you’ll be pulling it out, and if your child is like mine, they will love to pull your hair out too ) but don’t forget the beautiful, while he’s pulling, he’s laughing, it’ll still hurt, but it’s like you don’t want him to stop, because that laugh is your new drug.


I get to met other mom’s with little ones.  I love trading stories, talking about amazing baby finds, learn about what is around the corner in the baby stages, and feeling like “I’m not alone in this”.  PLUS I LOVE having a baby boy…BUT buying girl stuff is FUN, & I get to buy the frilliest frills, the pinkest pinks, the sparkliest sparkles and my husband won’t think I’m (AS) crazy.


Here’s the plan for Baby Cakes:

•The Sessions are inside the studio. ( the lighting is set up there, I do love outdoor light, but thinking about grass, bugs, dirt, leaves/ dirt blowing in wind…grosses me out!!  1 year olds, can not be contained… they don’t want to stay on that blanket…so icing covered fingers become outside element encrusted fingers.. YUCKYS)  Was your child born during the crazy hot summer or the “HOW IS IT THIS COLD IN THE SOUTH?” winter?  You don’t have to worry if your child is getting to hot or cold, I try to keep the studio JUST RIGHT!!

• I have been making/buying props & outfits galore.  Do you have a theme for their first birthday party?? let me know!!

• When you book a session ( PLEASE DO WAAAAY IN ADVANCE because I’m going to send you a list of vendors that have adorable props & outfits, incase you want something that you can keep forever that was in the shoot. Some of these vendors do not get the products out for 3 weeks OR MORE)

• Also when you book I’ll give you the run down on the cake.

•The sets are created to best fit 1 year olds, so unless you have a twin/triplet situation. This shoot is to celebrate this ONE child’s first birthday.

•During the Session we will do sets with out the cake, too!  If you are looking for a child pictures that aren’t for first birthdays,  You have GOT to see Mika Beth Edwards  & Wendy White

•I am SUPER understanding that your child might not be having a good day or might have a tantrum or might try to bite/slap me. Did I mention I have a teething 6 month old??  I have a secret… I know lots of sounds & songs that your child likes.  We’ll also pick a great time for your baby.  If you wake up that day and you or your child is sick,  LIFE HAPPENS, we will reschedule!! Just remember to call the baker.

•This session is meant to be FUN!! Moving around is great!! Dressing silly is ADORABLE!! Doesn’t your child have an AWESOME PERSONALITY?!  Let it shine!!

•If you don’t want your kiddo having sugar, gluten or some food allergy THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS!! Just let me know & we will get you all fixed up!!

If Nate Berkus, Kate Spade & Betsy Johnson ever collaborated on a line,  that would be my dream.


When I see branding boards, I LOVE THEIR colors that they choose to represent them, but what if you personality is more…COLORFUL!!?!  It’s not that I can’t commit to a color, it’s that I don’t want to leave any out, where is the fun in that?? I try to live out side the box, color outside the lines.  I can appreciate a modern boldly basic look, or soft vintage tones. It’s just not me.  I’m loud, slightly elaborate & off beat , but inspired by  MOD – RETRO technicolor & movements.


I know Gold is big right now, but growing up with my nanny & granny dean. Gold was never out!!  My generation was/ are super close to their grandparents.  My Granny had RED shaggy carpet in her master bathroom!! My nanny STILL HAS the mirrors with the gold flake texture pattern that covers a whole wall. These women made me brassy,  they made me feel empowered to be a Woman.  My style celebrates this!