Here is a Little Look into the Start of Spring Senior Sessions

Spring Senior Session Style

••Photographer tip: want to put the child in the snow without distracting props, but not actually in the snow?? Prop: Baby Gus is on a clean white bathroom mat that has a rubber bottom. Photoshop: Just clone around the sides and if there is a color difference pic up the color of the snow and… [Continue Reading]

Prop / Photoshop trick for taking baby pictures in the snow

At first when I heard it was going to be  another snow/ice weather forecast. I dreaded it. My backyard is muddy goo. so gross.  I did look foreword to putting another snow outfit on Gus, but mostly it was dreading coldness & preplanning meals. Then I walked into this. [ turned around grabbed camera ]… [Continue Reading]

snow days » arkansas photographer

  WE ARE NOW ON INSTAGRAM!! @thecheekydarling » Follow for FREE STUFF [ EVERYBODY LOVES FREE STUFF!!]   INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADS You can not find the Leo Print or drawn chevron anywhere else, I handmade it! •Baby Shower Invites •Birthday Invitations •Birthday Signs & Decor •Scrapbooking •Photo Albums •Photographer Marketing Material •Social Media Decor •Blog… [Continue Reading]

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Printable Digital Paper Pack Belles and Beaus (pink navy gold cream damask hand drawn chevron, stripes, texture)

    I had to go ahead and share a couple from this weeks session with Little Miss C!! Isn’t she adorable?? I just love this style!! Honestly I never really saw myself doing child photography, even after having my little guy a few months ago. What I realized is I am NO newborn photographer,… [Continue Reading]

Using “Oil Paint” in Adobe Photoshop CS6



here is the before and after – as you can see i used a composite image for the sky and even changed the direction of the sun. I feel like this is a good representation of how different some people see the world. When i saw the scene i saw the light coming off the gate, the way the shadow fell behind the tree, the shine on the field blade leaning against the trunk. the barns and their green pasture, the leaves that seem to frame the image. Next Tuesday see a step-by-step tutorial! Using "Oil Paint" in Adobe Photoshop CS6



Post Process – Paint


You might be thinking WHOA this edit is over done… and yeah for a picture, but for a painting I LOVE IT!  check out the new detail i added to the tree and grass. (this image was taken a couple of years ago before i was using kelvin and changing my wb in acr .Look for more future posts of before & afters!
Photoshop before & after senior

so wright



made this fun facebook time line cover for a client ( but even more a friend ) of mine. She is the creator & owner of  “Brow Bar”.  All of my senior clients love having their make up done there, it’s such a pretty place filled with energetic, hilarious staff, you seriously never can guess what they’ll be up to next!! They have these hot pink cups that say brow bar on them, and people travel with them, but celebs from Rob Lowe to Honey Boo Boo are posing with them!!  Lorelei became fatally sick this summer, from a “slip up” at the doctor’s office.  It became a life changing experience.   LW decided to give back even more; she is working on a “Hottie Calendar”  Yes, men posing to benefit the battle against cancer.  It’s not all about the exterior tho, she wanted GOOD GUYS.   She has included tributes to men that have been the strength & support through their wives breast cancer.  Many of the men participating are Singers,  In the service, or even doctors.  From  New York to Los Angeles men are signing up to be a Hottie…. i think the total now is 28 hotties… this will be a long calendar.  Go check out her blog and read her story HERE – ALL THINGS WRIGHT WITH LORELEIfacebook time line cover for "all things wright"

Free Background/Wallpaper




this is my current twitter background, it looks different with alignment choice! take it and enjoy! Free background

back on twitter

i’ll have to say it’s my least fave! However I do so much social networking for other companies that it’s seems odd that im not on there. if nothing else go on there to see who im following bc they are pretty awesome! of follow @missbeystudio Photographer back on Twitter

2013 – Feels Amazing

abe lincoln quote hustle

dont put the faux in photographer…

so forget about the BRANDING & get some TALENT!! Forget about the expensive supplies & use some elbow grease!

You can put on all the shine you want, but if you can’t back it.. nobody wants it.

I rather be a diamond in the rough. Put the value where it counts.

Then when you earn you way up, you can dance along the way..

cha cha cha

Senior Portraits Ballet & Snow Session

…just can not get over this session with Natalie! Both Costumes seen here are from “The Nutcracker Ballet” , The teal is “Dew Drop” and the white is “The Snow Queen” ( not to be confused with the Narnia Snow Queen) The date of this session had been planned for over a month. Little did we know that just a couple days before the session it would actually be snowing on Christmas.  How perfect to have not only a Snow Queen, but for the snow to have fallen on the Holiday that the Nutcracker celebrates.  Senior Portraits Ballet & Snow Session • Arkansas Photographer Senior Portraits Ballet & Snow Session • Arkansas Photographer Senior Portraits Ballet & Snow Session • Arkansas Photographer Senior Portraits Ballet & Snow Session Senior Portraits Ballet & Snow Session • Arkansas Photographer Senior Portraits Ballet & Snow Session